Nightingale Nursing School in Honduras, July 2018 Update:

The Nightingale Nursing School just received a major grant from the Rotary Foundation to contribute to the funding of building a septic system for the school to help reduce waterborne diseases. The grant amount awarded is $32,381.

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Nightingale Nursing School in Honduras, June 2018 Update:

The ongoing construction of the main floor clinic for the Nightingale Nursing School is making significant progress in June, with the concrete roof being poured. See the photo montage to the left. The campus septic system and hygienic water supply have been completed.

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Please give generously to this unique, very needed and empowering education project in the country of Honduras. The convenient Donate button is on the Projects page, under the The Nightingale Nursing Education Project in Siguatepeque, Honduras.

Update May 2018:

“Our Medical and Education teams in the US and Honduras announce joyfully with gratitude the second renovation construction grant from the Dana Beck Fancher foundation. affiliated with First Presbyterian Church in Dunedin, Florida. These funds will allow us to complete essential components of the renovation in order to move the student body and faculty back into the original building from temporary rental quarters.

The C and M lifeline team and the new advisory board for Nightingale Nursing School will meet on the grounds of the campus on June 25 to plan the next phases of construction… with representatives of the Tegucigalpa Rotary club who are working directly with us to obtain an Rotary International global grant to upgrade the campus septic system and hygienic water supply.”

Founding Partners:

Rev. Charles Dean Anders , Inspirational Guide (deceased, August 16, 2015)
Mary E. Anders, Ed.D., Chairman

Celebrating 60 Years of service… assisting individuals and community agencies to create a world that works for everyone.

C & M LifeLine, Inc. acts in the lives of individuals, communities and organizations to help them:

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Mission Statement:

Rev. Charles D. Anders, Founder (seated), Dr. Ted, Lori, Dr. Mary, and Becky.

Everyone is equal in God’s Heart, but every day many people encounter life’s experiences and/or family tragedies causing great stress emotionally, physically and/or spiritually. When the C and M Lifeline Board becomes aware of specific needs, we step in to provide needed funding and help alleviate the financial stress where otherwise there might be no other assistance.

C and M was created by its founders, Rev. Chuck and Dr. Mary, along with their family members Dr. Ted, Lori and Becky, to identify and support those who need this assistance. We also support and alert other Social Service organizations which can give immediate counsel and financial assistance.

In addition we encourage growth and development of ongoing educational structures which welcome positive change and assistance for their constituencies. We support the changes that will bring about a better life for these persons/families.


Rotary talk
From left: C and M Lifeline chairwoman Dr. Mary Anders, and Dr. Ted Anders, president, are coordinating international Rotary Club support with the guidance and assistance of the Flagler Beach Rotary Club. President of the Rotary Club Cindy Dalecki (middle) stands with other Rotary Club members to the right.

The Tegucigalpa Rotary Club and San Pedro Sula Rotary Club of Honduras have committed to work with our local Rotary on a global grant to bring additional funds and expertise for completion of the Nightingale school project.

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